About (Me)


Age: 22

Birthday: Nov. 1994

Sex: Male

Education: Southeastern University (FL)(Music Business)
Voice Coaches (NJ)

Hobbies: Video Games, Movies, Film Reviews, Cinematography, Photography, Running, Exercise, Voice Acting, Music.

Voice Acting Experience: “Steve’s been an online voice actor for over 8 months. He’s got a crazy and animated voice, ranging from low range spooky creatures such as mountain trolls or aliens from far away planets, to wacky animals like parrots, mice, lions, tigers, and bears (oh my)!

Some of his roles include:

Sam Nichols: Main character of the upcoming indie game,A NEAR DAWN

Detective Bob Carson: Main character of the upcoming indie animated film, 44 MAGNUM.

Darune of the Underworld: Main antagonist of the upcoming indie anime, Infinity Shadow Hunter.

Steve still has tons projects that are currently in development! Make sure to keep up with his updates on his voice acting journey right here on his website.