Hello! Welcome to my site.

I’m a 22 year old runner, college student, musician, super-amateur photographer, video game enthusiast, and voice actor.

Here, you can find my latest updates on my career path including pictures, previews, and my voice demos. Have fun!


New SoundCloud Profile and Project(s)

Hello all!

I just made a new SoundCloud account. I have my demos there as well as personal projects that I’ll be working on.

My first personal project, “I Dream. I Thirst. I Dream. (A Dramatic Read)” is now available for streaming!

Check it out here:


Also, I’ve began work on the upcoming video game, “A NEAR DAWN” by Faroff Daydream Games. I’ll be starring as the main protagonist, Sam Nichols.

More info in the link below:
A Near Dawn

Thanks for checking in! I’ll keep up with updates. Cheers!