Riddlord: The Consequence Available Now!

Riddlord: The Consequence by Amrita Studios available now on iOS and Google Play.

Catch me as Detective Jack Rede in this mind bending, artistically driven, and brain crushing 3D puzzle game.

Link to download game here: https://amrita.studio/en/games/riddlord/




The Prologue for the Indie Visual Novel Adventure, “A NEAR DAWN”, is now available for download on WINDOWS, MAC OS, and LINUX (Teen audience and over): https://faroffdaydream.itch.io/a-near-dawn

Here are some of my personal thoughts and history with the game:

When I started out on my voice acting venture around 9 months ago, this project was actually one of the first gigs that I had acquired. At the time, I didn’t have much to start out with as far as experience and equipment goes. I had worked my way into acquiring what I needed to get the job done, and the director of the visual novel, Leon Pilchin, did a fantastic job in helping me along the way.

I first did an audition for an early teaser trailer of the game back in January, and I was chosen for the role of voicing the main protagonist, Sam Nichols.


The project caught my attention when I first saw the casting call. I never had much experience with visual novels growing up, but A NEAR DAWN seemed like it was something unique and special to me. From it’s brilliant/colorful art direction, fascinating character backgrounds, great original music score, and the various paths that can be taken to further advance the story, I was hooked immediately the moment that I had discovered it.

This project being one of my earliest works was definitely no easy task. Far-off Daydream Games is a super small independent group of developers, so everyone had a huge part in the development of the game. Leon really pushed me in honing my craft, and I can’t thank him enough for how much knowledge I have acquired for giving life to Sam as well as learning a thing or two about the art of voice acting. Through this project, I had learned how important it is to articulate specific lines/phrases in key scenes that I hadn’t known previously. I had also learned how important formatting and editing my files are as well (got to keep all those hundreds of audio files in good shape).


The game was showcased at the Bit Bazaar back in early August, which is an indie game and comics convention in Toronto, Canada. From what I heard from the team, the game had received some great feedback from different players, and I was told that the voice overs provided by myself and the other exceptional/talented actors/actresses really helped make the game more engaging.

Well on that note, I think this was am overall fantastic experience for me. I’ve learned so much these last 9 months with the projects that I have been working on and I’m excited to share what’s next on my list. Hopefully, I can keep up with these blog updates on my venture, so I’ll do my best to prioritize this.

Thanks for reading and STAY TUNED for the next update!


New SoundCloud Profile and Project(s)

Hello all!

I just made a new SoundCloud account. I have my demos there as well as personal projects that I’ll be working on.

My first personal project, “I Dream. I Thirst. I Dream. (A Dramatic Read)” is now available for streaming!

Check it out here:


Also, I’ve began work on the upcoming video game, “A NEAR DAWN” by Faroff Daydream Games. I’ll be starring as the main protagonist, Sam Nichols.

More info in the link below:
A Near Dawn

Thanks for checking in! I’ll keep up with updates. Cheers!